what is fenixedu?

The FenixEdu project aims to produce professional grade useful software for the higher education community. We bring together a team of IT professionals, students and enthusiasts of computer science and related IT areas to collaborate and develop solutions for the community.

While the main focus of the project is software for higher education, many of the developed components have applications in other areas and in vastly different business models.

With the constant evolution of technologies, keeping software up-to-date is many times challenging, and can consume allot of resources. On the other hand, the use of new and up-to-date technologies keeps contributors interested, promotes constant learning and is many times a source of motivation.

Collaboration is key, and the FenixEdu project unites an interesting mix of professionals and aspiring professionals with a common love of software and technology. In our experience, the more we collaborate the faster and better we evolve, not only our software, but our own capacity.