what is fenixedu?

We want to provide the academic comunity with the best software possible customized to the specific needs of each institution.

We hope this project will bring together various stakeholders of the academic coomunity to colaborate on the development and usage of open source solutions focussed on higher education.

Many higher education institutions have in house development capabilitues. Others outsource development to software venders or consultants. With this project we want to bring everyone together to provide the best solution for each institution.

For us, keeping up to date with the latest technologies and providing our users with modern interfaces is important, so we are constantly striving to improve and renew our software.

Building our software as modular configurable components allows us combine and customize each instalation to the needs each specific institution.

Does your school have a specific requirments, or does it function differently than other establishments? Through collaboration we want to share common solutions while still maintaining our distinctive caracteristics.