This page provides an overview of all the public FenixEdu™ sub-projects.


Bennu is essentially a library that intends to ease the development of FenixEdu™ sub-projects. Bennu promotes modular development of functionalities, and provides infrastructural concerns of all web-applications, i.e. the concept of user, group, role, theme, among other. All our applications are developed within the Bennu infrastructure, centralizing the efforts of maintaining the required infrastructure of our web applications.


Fenix is the academic portal that provides a wide set of both academic and management functionalities to the academia community, i.e. students, faculty, researchers, alumni and collaborators. Fenix was originally a standalone web-application that is now integrated within the Bennu infrastructure in order to be decomposed into modules.

Organization Module

The organization module is essentially an implementation of the organization structure pattern based on Martin Fowler’s specification. It attempts to associate users to the concept of person, and organize all persons within organizational units through the concept of accountabilities.

Personal Information Module

Persons and organizational units can have a set of information that the system must have. This module allows to associate such informational entities to both the persons and organizations registered within the information system.

Contacts Module

Persons and organizational units can also have contacts. This module essentially allows to associate contacts to such entities.

Workflow Module

The workflow module essentially provides the concept of process and activity to automate the business processes of the organization, allowing its stakeholders to collaborate and execute a business process within a web application.

Expenditure Tracking Module

The Expenditure Tracking Module is a workflow implementation of Portugal’s public contract legislation. This system decentralizes aquisition processes within an institution and provides a complete accountability of all actions taken during each process.

Mission Management Module

The Mission Management Module is a workflow implementation of Técnico Lisboa’s internal regulation of missions.

Working Capital Management Module

The Working Capital Management Module is a workflow implementation of Técnico Lisboa’s internal regulation of working capital funds.

Mobility Module

The Mobility Module is a workflow implementation for the in-house transferring of employees. It allows employees to indicate their availability to change their working place. It also allows services to publish available positions.

Employee Evaluation Module

The Employee Evaluation Module is a workflow implementation of Portugal’s employee evaluation legislation.