Announcing the release of Bennu 3.4

The FenixEdu Team is happy to announce the release of Bennu 3.4. Bennu is the foundation for building modular Java web applications based on the fenix-framework. Here are some of new features on version 3.4:


Bennu now comes with a full implementation of OAuth v2, batteries included. It comes out of the box with full application management, per-app and per-user revoking. This allows APIs to be developed per-module, and grouped by scope. APIs developed using Bennu follow the JAX-RS v2, so is as easy to develop using Bennu as in any web framework.

Bennu Toolkit

We are moving our software into a more web friendly stack, replacing old techonolgies with more recent ones. Today we are releasing a JavaScript Library, fully integrated into Bennu, to support and easy the creation of rich interfaces. This brings standard controls for Bennu concepts like Localized String, or HTML Text. This library is written in pure javascript and css, so it can adapt to any current and future use cases. We are also releasing a version compatible with AngularJS.

Figure 1 - Bennu Toolkit

User management

This version of Bennu comes with a complete user management system out of the box, so you don’t have to waste time creating backoffice user management interfaces.


As we are making our software mobile ready, we are moving some interfaces from Bennu into a responsive nature, making them more useful in mobile.