Announcing FenixEdu Learning

Greetings everyone!

FenixEdu Project is happy to announce FenixEdu Learning, our new Learning Managment System.

Teaching changed a lot since we started FenixEdu. 12 years ago, there was no Wikipedia, YouTube or Khan Academy, tablets or smartphones were almost non existent or social networks like Facebook. But most Learning Managment Systems look and feel like they came from the 1990s, they haven’t adapted to the new world where everyone has access to knowledge from almost anywhere, where content consumption can occur from your living room to your train comute to home.

We want to have a Learning Management System for our Century, allowing the instant sharing of knowledge, anywhere, anytime and as soon as its avaible. That is why we are starting from scratch. rewriting our LMS from the ground up to make a great teaching solution from a small school to a huge university.

Like we said last tuesday whebn we’ve released FenixEdu Academic, our Student Information System, we removed all the Content Managment System code from the Academic product and rewrote it fron the ground up to serve as the foundation for FenixEdu Learning.

We are excited about this product, and we want to hear what are your ideas about the Learning Managment System. Send us a message on Facebook or join to our IRC channel and talk with us directly.

Figure 1 - Course Pages

Figure 1 - New CMS Administration