Documentation Rocks!

As you might noticed, we dropped the excuse of saying that the best documentation is the code itself.

The FenixEdu™ project now has an always-in-progress documentation that can stand up to the level of the project’s renewed image.

FenixEdu™ developer pages attempt to explain the FenixEdu™ developer community about its development methodology, the involved tools and technologies, and all of its sub-projects.

We expect this documentation to foster the following:

  1. Newcomers get started more quickly.
  2. Members allocated to other projects can adapt more quickly to existing projects.
  3. Outsiders can provide contributions more easily.
  4. Interested outside developers can better understand the project and adapt it to their needs.

As we said before, this documentation pages are an always-in-progress work. Hence, you find a bug or an issue, please report such issues to us using our the respective link present in the menu on the right.